Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know the training will be effective and can the training be measured?
Yes the training can be measured. We recommend several options for consideration that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of the training. These will be discussed as the course is developed. There are follow up activities that can be organised because we know it’s important to have the skills, but vital to use them in practical situations to retain them.
We make quite specific presentations in our specialised industry, can the training be tailored to meet our specific needs?
The short answer is yes. After an initial consultation with your management we develop a course outline that addresses your needs. Thereafter we can meet and discuss the outline and expected outcomes with the intended participants to make sure that their needs are aligned with the proposed outcomes. The end result means that the tailored programme up-skills the participants in the precise areas required to perform the specialised presentations.
Are there any limitations or restrictions on the number of attendees?
Yes there are. It depends on the objectives the training is intended to achieve which dictates the appropriate number of participants. An exact number will be recommended after having an initial meeting or discussion to determine desired outcomes.
Is the training effectiveness compromised by having attendees with varying levels of skills?
Not at all. The concepts and theories remain static, for example the skills required to evolve a presentation’s structure can be applied regardless of experience. It is more a case of knowing the options that are available and applying the appropriate formats that will achieve the most effective result. The area where experience will be noticed is in the many exercises incorporated throughout the course to embed the delivery skills. The varying levels of expertise only adds to the training as inexperienced presenters gain from seeing a broad use of the techniques by those with higher skills.
Does TORQUE Ltd only offer training programmes?
Although we specialise in tailored programmes, David Nottage can speak at your conference or special event. Be it as a highly motivating Keynote Speaker, as your Master of Ceremonies or even facilitating a seminar or workshop. Whichever role you require David to perform, he will exceed your expectations.
Why TORQUE Ltd, what differentiates you from any other provider?
If training was nothing more than the knowing then you’d be able to attain any skills sought from a book. David, as a World Champion of Public Speaking (for Toastmasters International 1996), brings the enthusiasm and passion for presentations into the training room. People learn from watching and listening, they learn from having the confidence to get up and try new skills in a multitude of unique exercises and they retain and incorporate the skills into their environments. Couple that with the way the courses are designed, the individuals receive a copy of their own presentation on DVD along with comprehensive written feedback and thus you have the reason for the incredible success TORQUE Ltd enjoys. To the best of our knowledge, no other provider can lay claim to the expertise and support offered.