Everyone loves a good joke and the right joke. 

Everyone loves a good joke and the right joke, in the right place within a presentation can add a lot of ‘lift’. The advantages are obvious; the generation of humour, the heightened attention, the retention of material… all can be enhanced by the inclusion of a joke, told well. Regrettably some presenters don’t know how to tell a joke whilst others tell the wrong joke (ever heard a Best Man’s speech fall flat?).

If you intend to use jokes in your presentation then consider both; it’s appropriateness to the audience and the relevance to your material. I’ll be adding some jokes to this page from time to time, you might want to revisit and check them out. If you’ve got a joke that you think might be worth having on this page then email to me and if it fits the criteria we’ll share it with the world.

Tip: If in doubt with regard to appropriateness or relevance, then leave it out.