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Business Presentation Skills Training | Public Course Dates

New dates for the next Public Course on Business Presentation Skills training are included below. This two day course will greatly increase your skills and confidence when making business related presentations. It changes lives! The course is extremely hands-on and there are multiple opportunities for you to gain insight and experience in one of the […]
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2017 Public Courses – SOLD OUT

All Public Courses for 2018 are SOLD OUT. The dates for the next Public Courses on Business Presentation Skills will be on 18 & 19 February 2019 in Auckland and 28 & 29 March 2019 in Albany, North Shore. This two day course will greatly increase your skills and confidence when making business related presentations. It […]
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3 Ways to Overcome Anxiety

I’ve often covered the anxiety created by presentations and how to deal with the problem. We know that the reaction we have to the stress causes us to look less than what we would ideally like to portray. I have listed some alternatives that you might find useful if not at least interesting. I do […]

Presentation Skills… Saying it with Pictures

A picture is worth a 1000 words… so make sure your presentations use this powerful medium. Please consider adding pictures to your slideshows. A picture allows the audience to ‘see’ the message as opposed to just ‘reading’ the message. This really does improve your presentation and adds greatly to the audience ability to remember your […]

Your Communication Skills. Can’t Help Myself … Bad Habits

Your communication skills.  Bad Habits… The bane of all presenters would be having a ‘bad habit’ in front of the audience. If you think about what makes a bad habit then you would realise that it’s repetition. It’s only when we do something continually that it attracts attention. If repetition is the problem then variety […]

Confidence Counts

You’re sitting at your desk early one morning and the phone rings. It’s the boss and he asks you if you could do him a favour. He’s meant to address a small group of business people at the Town Hall at 4:00 o’clock that afternoon but something has come up and he can’t be there. […]

Crazy Captions – Win A Prize!

Win with Words! Well, it just goes to prove that creativity is alive and well and some people need to seek professional help. Excellent answers to the last puzzle and congratulations to our winner. We have been asked to relay the winning entries but some of them do not make it past the censors. All […]
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Do you have a quiet voice?

Do you have a quiet voice?

So you have a quiet voice… It is with a great deal of pleasure that I introduce Meredith Caisley as an Associate of Torque Limited. Meredith is a highly skilled and trained specialist in all matters concerning the voice. From annunciation to articulation Meredith can assist. Here’s what Meredith says about ‘Having a quiet voice”. […]
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Key Points

Key Points In any presentation you will be making some key points. These are the primary factors that ideally sway or convince your audience to agree to your ‘Call to Action’ (the purpose of the presentation), in other words, what you want them to do now that they’ve listened to your presentation. Your key points […]
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The Business of Talking now on a double CD!

In these fun and fact filled candid interviews, David shows you how to break free of any self-limiting beliefs and become the confident and competent speaker that is your right. If you need to make presentations as part of your career and you need them to be successful then you need to listen to this […]
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