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1 Day Workshop!

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Includes: Full day workshop, comprehensive workbook, additional course material, fully catered, free onsite parking.

Learn from David Nottage, one of the best, a Toastmaster's World Champion of Public Speaking and a Certified Speaking Professional (with the Professional Speakers Association)

This will be a dynamic and amazing opportunity for you and your team to greatly increase their Confidence and Competence when presenting on behalf of your company!

This will be a dynamic and amazing opportunity for you and your team to greatly increase their Confidence and Competence when presenting on behalf of your company!

And so much more… there will be dozens of tips, tricks and techniques that you will be able to use to make sure that you are a confident and competent presenter.

You will learn to ‘Own the Room’, how to be ‘Present’. Learn the correct way to ‘Practice’ so that you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

It doesn’t matter if you present often or if you are a novice… this one-day Master Class workshop will be life changing. Don’t miss out. Enrol today.

Master Class from Torque Ltd

What’s Covered:

Learn to overcome nervousness. Master your own body and mind so that you have that ‘presence’, that ‘Wow Factor’ when you stand and speak. Know the different options and techniques used by the professionals so that you never dread another presentation opportunity. Look the part and sound the part!.
Story Telling
You were born to tell stories and your audience was born to hear them. Develop your Story Telling style so that you have a conversational manner when presenting and engage everyone in the room. Have them listening to your every word…
Impromptu Speaking
Have the skills and the options to quickly jump to your feet and speak on any given topic… or better still, speak about what you want to speak about when you are given any and every opportunity! Learn how the Masters did it.
Presentation Structure
Discover the 6 Fundamentals of Presentation Structure. Once you know the Structure Fundamentals then you will always have clear and easy-to-follow presentations. Write your presentations in a fraction of the time it’s taking you now. Never be guilty of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ ever again.
Handling Questions
Control your Question & Answer sessions professionally. Never be on the back foot again – and be able to handle a host of situations, even a disgruntled or hostile audience. Have that ‘presence’ and handle the questions with confidence.
Creative Thinking
Learn how to generate your material by using your own creativity. You have amazing talents with your own creative mind, but most presenters ‘freeze’ or have their minds go blank when they even try to think of what they are going to say. Not you, never again. Be creative and have the tools and the techniques to access your creativity when you need it most.
Body Language
Master your biggest asset, your Body Language. What do you do with your hands? How can you have amazing eye-contact with the audience? Make certain that your body is telling your audience what you want them to hear.
Vocal Variety
Be expressive! Make sure that your voice is engaging and never be monotone again. Learn the techniques that you can practice to help you slow down your rate of delivery, that helps you reduce those annoying ‘Ums’ and ’Errs’, that helps you to project your voice and promote your confidence.
Seated Presentations
We present more times than you realise! Every time you are seated at a meeting you have the opportunity to ‘Present’. Know how to be more powerful when you present from a seated position. Make sure that you are not interrupted as often and that you ‘own’ that table. You will learn techniques that you can use the very next time to attend a meeting!

See what our clients say about us

  • Great course. I would recommend to all, especially those who have a fear of presentations. Umar - Beca - June 2019


  • If you have the chance, don’t miss the opportunity to employ David’s coaching skills. Hugely valuable 2 days for anyone. Marise - Beca - June 2019


  • The best course I’ve attended for public speaking and engagement – could not recommend more! Andrew - Beca - June 2019


  • Fantastic course with lots of interaction and chance to practice new skills. Dan - Beca - June 2019


  • David was a fantastic course presenter and it was great to walk away from the course with a sense of improvement in public speaking. Liam - Beca - June 2019


  • One of the comments I quite often get is that I shrink into myself too much - this course really helped me to build my confidence & show it too.

    -Danielle – Beca

  • Very good course, brilliant facilitator and worthwhile to anyone wanting to enhance their skills.


  • If you're looking to improve your all-round presenting and speaking confidence, this is the course for you!

    -Bridget – Beca

  • This course can help you become confident & presentable which are the keys to success. I enjoyed the course.


  • A must recommend for all staff to improve their engagement & presentation.

    -Marcus Pillay

  • Great course. The most value I have ever received in two days! Highly recommend to anyone who needs to improve Public Speaking.

    -Tom Zotov

  • By far the most useful, practical and fluid self-development course I've been on.

    -Sam Siddawi

  • -Master Class bookings now open – book now to avoid disapointment

  • This was the best course I have been on. David has an incredibly engaging, encouraging technique. His manner allowed me to feel comfortable in an otherwise nerve wracking process. I just love the humour, humour, humour. Wonderful!

    -Jackie – Autoplay

  • David was awesome and definitely knows his trade. No doubt being world champ. He is phenomenal.

    -Patrick Ho

  • Great flow and delivery of content. This course went beyond just stating what to do but explained why to do things and provided a relaxed environment to practise different techniques. Thank you.

    -Toby Prader

  • I have had David speak at a number of conferences for me. This has ranged from business owners, farmers and retail staff. Each time that David has spoken I have asked him to speak in the suicide spot. That last spot at the end of the day. He has always left the audience inspired and amused. Even the most cynical veterinarian has been seen with tears rolling down his face. Indeed I have had one client who has now heard David Three times. He remarked that each time he has always received a different message and always thought he had got funnier although he had heard a number of the stories before. David has the unique gift of generating an inspiring message through humour and I LOOK forward to using him in our business because of his professionalism and relaxing approach to speaking and booking.

    -Gerard Casey – The BIG Company LTD

  • Thank you so much for bringing such life, energy, professionalism and humour to yesterday’s training course. The feedback from the blokes was so positive (you had them in stitches!) and the tips and tricks that you imparted to us all will go miles to helping develop our Beer School programme in the trade and really drive beer passion within DB. I will definitely keep you informed of our Beer School progress and look forward to working with you again in the future.

    -Beth Armstrong – DB Breweries Limited

  • The Business Presentation Skills course from Torque Limited was an outstanding success when introduced to my organisation. The course itself focuses in depth on the personal impact you can have as a presenter – there are bags of opportunity to practice the skills during the course and end of course feedback is excellent – detailed, open with good personal recommendations on going forward. Several senior members of our team have gained an enormous amount and I have seen them grow to be confident presenters with impact as a direct result. David’s presentation style is engaging to a point where although the course is quite challenging as it takes you out of your comfort zone it’s a real pleasure to be a part of it. We are hoping to use Torque Limited in the future. And David is very charming too!

    -Tricia Payne – Sara Lee New Zealand Limited

  • I want to thank you for all of the fantastic work you’ve done with our people at Deloitte. From graduates to partners, you have been an inspiration to those who have participated in your courses. You’ve helped many Deloitte people overcome their fears of public speaking, and drastically improved their communication and presentation skills. As always, feedback from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a few of the comments we received this year: “David Nottage was extremely effective in delivering an interactive, participative and enjoyable course.” “David Nottage was an excellent presenter, full of energy and with great knowledge of his subject.” “Humorous instructor and effective training, which just makes you feel that it’s a great course and everyone should be in it.” It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you David, and I would wholeheartedly recommend you to any organisation that wants to impact their people’s communication and presentation skills in a positive way.

    -Liam McGee – Deloitte

  • We have known David Nottage and the team at Torque for over twelve years and have used their services as our exclusive provider of presentation skills for that entire time. We estimate between 80-100 staff members have been exposed to David during this time. Apart from David’s obvious brilliance as an orator his ability to convey speaking and presentation skills to our people has significantly assisted our team over the years. His methods are transferable across the spectrum of occupations and the confidence our people have gained is evident from day one. We have also utilised his talents as a speech writer and MC (Master of Ceremonies) with equal success. His natural wit and comic personality have been the source of many humorous moments and the response we have had from audiences has been outstanding. In conclusion, we believe David is without peer in his field and we will continue to use his vast array of presentation skills for as long as he offers them to us.

    -Garth Bradford – Henry Schein Shalfoon

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course and picked up a lot of good points. I have stated my affirmations and the “road map” for the presentation is a real gift! I have watched my presentation and thought that your assessment was fair, if not a bit generous. Having changed my subject in the last minute, made me a bit nervous and not overly sure of the flow. However, I decided to be assessed on something new, rather than to deliver a presentation I can do with my eyes closed. The recording and the assessment have given me some very valuable feedback and I hope to sharpen up my general presentation style accordingly. This morning I will be delivering a presentation to the real audience that I wrote the presentation for, so we’ll see if I have improved. Thanks again for all your help – I have recommended your course to everyone around me.

    -Rene Bastkjaer – Lumley General Insurance (NZ) Ltd

  • The training we have invested in training programmes with Torque has resulted in a significant improvement in our presentations to potential clients and an increase in the number of successes we have had. The confidence of our staff in presenting their ideas has been of great benefit to our business and we look forward to working with Torque again in the near future.

    -Peter Attwood – Hawkins Construction Ltd

  • We have used David Nottage at Torque Ltd to train people in all levels of our organisation every year for more than ten years. Results show in the many comments we have back on how well our people present and by the large amount of work we win through pitching and presenting. David increases people’s confidence, improves their presentation behaviour and makes our formal presentations some of the best in the business. We love David’s coaching style and his wonderful sense of humour.

    -Graham Darlow – Fletcher Construction Engineering

  • This was an excellent course where we also received very comprehensive material for future reference. The interaction was great, and during our practical sessions we received very useful feedback and guidance. I personally feel more confident and better prepared to make presentations after attending the course.

    -Jan Barnard -Auckland City Council