21 Ways To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

21 Ways To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

These are skills and qualities one should possess in order to develop and deliver a clear and understandable oration. Public speaking skill decides how far your thoughts are comprehended to the targeted audience. It is necessary to engage the audience throughout your speaking.

Here are few skills you should possess to be a good public speaker:

Verbal Communication

Your choice of words plays an important role. Avoid difficult words, and use only words that can be understood by the audience instantly.

Voice Control

Know to control your breath while speaking. Place the microphone at a right distance.


Not all the public speakers use presentation slides. Slides are catchy, and keep the audience engaged.

Know the audience

Study about your audience before you start. Speak according to the mood of the audience.


Practice in front of a mirror. Practice until you are confident about yourself.

Dress up

Wear a comfortable dress that does not disturb your attitude. Follow the dress code, if any.


Be present at the venue at least before half an hour. This will keep you calm and composed.

Make notes

Prepare notes. Jot down important points, and do not forget to take it to the event.


Earmark the notes you carry to the event. This will avoid cluttering of the papers while turning the pages.


You should make the audience feel like you are the leader of the day’s event. This enables them to lend ears to you.

Delivery of Information

This includes your pauses, your stress on a word, and your tone. Be polite.

Humour touch

Try to add few humorous phrases when you speak. This will improve your connectivity with the audience.

Avoid filler words

Do not stammer. Stop, give a pause and continue. Do not use words like “uuh”, “umm”.

Time Management

Prepare your oration according to the time provided to you. Do not exceed the time limit.

Eye contact

Make eye contact with the audience. Do not recite the points looking at the notes you carry.

Interpersonal Relationship

Develop a rapport with your audience to make them feel like you are speaking directly to them.

Proper Gestures

Your gestures and body language has the capability to turn the audience to you. This creates a bond between you and your audience.


You can create a story to convey your ideas to the audience. This will help you grab the attention of the audience.


Be interactive with your audience. Ask them general questions, and make them participate in your oration.

Accept Criticisms

Be ready to face any criticisms. You should be able to start off right from where you left after the criticisms and questions from the audience.

Stress Management

The questions, the surroundings, the mood of the audience may be stressful to you. The ability to manage your stress during public speaking is important.

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