How Corporate Speaking Training Can Work Wonders

How Corporate Speaking Training Can Work Wonders

Business communication entails the continual flow of information within and outside enterprises. It includes exchanging facts, ideas, perspectives, and emotions between two or more individuals. To ensure effective communication, employees and management must interact with each other with an intent to reach the organizational goals without disregarding the company’s core values.

Not just large corporations with a huge number of employees, but also small and medium scale businesses struggle when it comes to managing business communications:

  • between superiors and subordinates within a company, 
  • between different companies, and 
  • between companies and society.

A popular study about the relationship between Employee Satisfaction & Customer Satisfaction found that the attitude of employees has a major impact on customer satisfaction, which paves way for the success of businesses. It is important to note that the manner of communication of employees with their company’s customers primarily showcases their attitude. This study aptly shows why corporate public speaking training, presentation skills courses, and interpersonal skills courses are highly essential for business communication to be effective.

How corporate public speaking training will improve your business.

Verbal skills

Human’s attention span average is decreasing day by day as the sources of being distracted have increased enormously. It is sad to see that we carry our chief source of distraction in our pockets almost all the time—mobile phones. This is an inevitable and irreversible technological and cultural change. So the burden of keeping others’ attention towards you lies with your attitude and communication. You should learn the art of speaking the right things in the right tone to the right people.

Not all people are naturally talented or skilled enough to do this, which leads to miscommunication, arguments and disagreements. This is why you need to be formally trained, especially to communicate effectively in a business environment. Torque’s crash courses in public speaking and presentation skills are particularly suitable for the corporate sector. Talk to us to find out more.

Active listening skills

Most people assume that public speaking is limited to talking confidently. But have you ever wondered how to respond when you are posed with a tricky question from the audience? Probably not. This is why you need to listen to your audience. Not merely listen, but actively listen. Active listening also shows that you value others’ opinions and are open to new perspectives. This makes your audience view you as an equal partner, and they build confidence in you.

How to actively listen?

  • Allow pauses while you speak for interjections,
  • Repeat the other person’s words,
  • Ask questions to affirm her or his engagement in the conversation, and so on.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are absolutely critical to businesses because they enable people to analyse problems, and weigh the merits and demerits of possible options before arriving at a final solution. 

Assertiveness is an underrated quality in interpersonal communication. A good leader should know how to positively influence her or his team and drive them toward attaining the company’s goals. Instead, if you fail to provide clear directions and you do not provide opportunities to clarify doubts, it would build frustration amongst your employees.

On par with assertiveness is negotiation skills. Conflict of ideas and opinions are quite natural and unavoidable in an organizational setup. It is important that you learn how to negotiate in a way that balances and satisfies the parties involved without compromising the organization’s goals.

Torque’s presentation training courses include interpersonal skills courses and modules as an integral part.

Networking skills

Networking provides you with the awareness and access to opportunities that you may not find on your own. To network successfully, you should be interesting enough so that you are voluntarily invited by others to collaborate with you in some way or the other. The key to effective networking lies primarily in your communication skills.

To successfully sell yourself, you need not boast or talk about yourself the whole time. To get people excited about you, you need to get them to talk about themselves and their achievements. When they feel good about themselves, they are likely to feel good about you too. This is key to build long-lasting social and business relationships.

Torque is celebrating 20+ years of providing public speaking training and presentation courses that are efficient and has practical applicability in every industry. Our longstanding success shows how well we have managed to transform the careers of numerous industry professionals. We are looking forward to bring such a positive and worthwhile change to your career too. So contact us now for scheduling a session for you and your team.

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