The Business of Talking now on a double CD!

The Business of Talking now on a double CD!

In these fun and fact filled candid interviews, David shows you how to break free of any self-limiting beliefs and become the confident and competent speaker that is your right. If you need to make presentations as part of your career and you need them to be successful then you need to listen to this double CD set, “The Business of Talking”.

Interview One:  Nine Steps to Preparing a Dynamic Presentation
Learn the nine steps that will propel your presentation to success – giving you confidence, the ability to persuade and to get your audience to act.

1.   Make your Presentation Objectives powerful
2.   Take in External dynamics
3.   Make a Self-assessment
4.   Use Feedback to your advantage
5.   Gain Confidence
6.   How to give an Impromptu Presentation
7.   Keys to Assessing your Audience
8.   Notes – should you use them?
9.   Solid Structure – Fundamentals and advanced

Bonus Track:  How to use Creative Thinking

Interview Two:  Seven Secrets to Dynamic Delivery
Discover seven secrets that will transform an average presentation into one that has people engaged, persuaded and impressed.

1.   What impact are your words having?
2.   Secrets to avoiding bad habits
3.   Use your voice effectively
4.   Make your body language natural
5.   Use visual aids as a presentation booster

Bonus Track:  How to use humour for effect

Order Now!  If you need to make powerful presentations then you need to listen to these interviews. Click on the link and order your copy of this valuable resource.  Simply click here to order your copy of  “The Business of Talking”

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